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, Diptych, acrylic on canvas, 36"x 96", 2021

New paintings by Janet Sawyer continue to convey “the joy that comes from intense involvement with one’s surroundings” as Jonathan Goodman wrote of an earlier show for Art in America.  Presented here are three black and white works and two 36 x 96” diptychs using strong contrasts and abstract imagery to evoke the progress of time marked by cycles of night and day and lunar and planetary transits.    There are also abstract color-immersion paintings and small (8 x 10”) works relating to these series.n Transit, above, rhythms of colors and shapes move a planet or moon-like disc across the conceptuaIl time and space of the canvas.  Black and white striped areas suggest motion while wavy intervals serve to advance the transition as clouds do in traditional Chinese painting.



left first picture right 

From the Progress of Days exhibition by Janet Sawyer held at Blue Mountain Gallery in 2017..  The twelve foot horizontal triptychs exhibited here are the result of working in her new Montauk studio, which Sawyer calls a “perfect space” where she has expanded both her imagery and the size of her new pieces.  From the lengthening days of high summer and the longer shadows and early evenings later on, the paintings respond to the progression of hours and days.  The solar eclipse of August was impetus for a third triptych in black white and greys, and there are a group of small “rainy day” paper cut-outs in greys as well as some smaller paintings. These new works continue Sawyer’s engagement with abstract painting.  The “dashing spontaneity and easy informality” that were noted  by Lawrence Campbell  in  Art In America remain present in her work. 


Pas de deux, 24"x72", acrylic on canvas


Travelling Yellow, 36x36", acrylic on canvas, 2010
Downdraft, 36x36", acrylic on canvas, 2010

2008 Celestials

JANET SAWYER exhibited paintings (above) from her Celestial series at Blue Mountain Gallery in 2008.  Some were also also exhibited at the Washington Art Association in Washington, Depot, CT in September 2008 and the two paintings below at Galerie Mani, Berlin in "Art From New York" from in2009.

Traveler, 18x18", 2009, acrylic/graphite on canvas
Phase, 18x18", 2009, acrylic/graphite on canvas