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From the Progress of Days exhibition by Janet Sawyer held at Blue Mountain Gallery in 2017..  The twelve foot horizontal triptychs exhibited here are the result of working in her new Montauk studio, which Sawyer calls a “perfect space” where she has expanded both her imagery and the size of her new pieces.  From the lengthening days of high summer and the longer shadows and early evenings later on, the paintings respond to the progression of hours and days.  The solar eclipse of August was impetus for a third triptych in black white and greys, and there are a group of small “rainy day” paper cut-outs in greys as well as some smaller paintings. These new works continue Sawyer’s engagement with abstract painting.  The “dashing spontaneity and easy informality” that were noted  by Lawrence Campbell  in  Art In America remain present in her work. 

Sawyer was born in Raleigh North Carolina. She was a founding student of the NY Studio School, and received her MFA from Brooklyn College. She lives and works in Manhattan and Montauk, NY and has exhibited continuously since l972 in NYC, Paris, Berlin, and various American venues. Her work is in collections including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, West Publishing, Gibbons PC, Sterling Corp., Bryn Mawr College as well as private collections in the U.S. and Europe. Reviews include the New York Times, Art In America, Art News, Where NY Magazine, Ms. Magazine and other publications.